European Solar Days

As part of our  permanent interest and development of sustainable energy structures,

We are attending the Seminar ” European Solar Days” on Wednesday 11 may 2011

This event aims to promote the advantages of harnessing the energy of the sun and takes place at the EPA Headquarters, Johnstown Castle, Wexford – home to Ireland’s largest solar PV array.

Leading solar experts will speak and share their expertise and experiences with delegates who will be offered a rare, invaluable and in-depth understanding of the key principles and techniques in designing, installing and maintaining solar projects, as well as learning how solar energy can provide cost effective and ecological building solutions in Ireland. The day concludes with delegates being offered the unique opportunity to see first hand the roof-mounted solar PV system.
Ireland is committed to increasing the share of renewable energies in the overall energy mix to 20% by 2020. In light of the recent debates on Ireland’s energy mix, switching to solar energy is not only feasible, it is strongly desirable for Irish society as a whole. Today solar energy has the potential to make an important contribution to reaching this target.

High quality products and services are now available. Given the rapid technology advances both solar thermal and photovoltaics offer cost effective, reliable and low-maintenance systems and solutions across a range of projects including local authority buildings, hotels, schools, farms, sports clubs, nursing homes, leisure and community centre’s — in short anywhere with a constant, high and regular demand for hot water. Remember solar energy can be produced where it is needed, so it ensures energy independence at a local, regional and individual level. Let’s turn on the sun!


09.45 Registration

10.15 Welcome Introduction- Solar in Ireland
Paul Dykes, SEAI REIO

10.30 Legislative Framework – Solar in the Built Environment 
Sean Armstrong, Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government

10.50 Dispelling the Solar Myth – Evacuated Tube versus Flat Plate 
William Comerford, Kingspan Renewables

11.10 The Practicalities of Installing Solar Thermal – Designing, Sizing and Maintaining a Solar System 
Jonathan Kennedy, FÁS

11.30 Solar Air Heating – A Technology Overview 
Bill Quigley, NuTech

11.50 Meeting the Demand in Non-Residential Buildings 
Ger O’Donohue, Igneus Energy

Question & Answer Session followed by lunch

13.15 Equipping Ireland with PV 
Tim Cooper, Coolpower

13.40 Solar Microgeneration with PV 
Gene Hourihane, Sunstream

14.00 Pushing the PV Boundaries 
Dr. Mazhar Bari, Solarprint

14.20 Question & Answer Session 

Site visit to EPA HQ Rooftop PV Installation and Monitoring Equipment

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